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Basic detection method of CBB capacitor|Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-06
CBB capacitor is a widely used electronic component. In our daily life, we will often encounter the problem of cbb capacitor failure. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand some common CBB capacitor detection methods. Let me learn about it below. 1. Detect small cbb capacitors below 10pF. The capacity of a fixed capacitor below 10pF is too small, and it can only be qualitatively checked for leakage, internal short circuit or breakdown if it is measured with a multimeter. When measuring, you can choose a multimeter R×10k block, and use two meter pens to connect the two pins of the capacitor at will, and the resistance should be infinite. If the measured resistance value (the pointer swings to the right) is zero, it means that the cbb capacitor is damaged by leakage or internal breakdown. 2. Detect whether the CBB capacitor of 10pF~0.01uF is charged, and then judge whether it is good or bad. The multimeter selects R×1k block. The β value of the two transistors is above 100, and the penetration current should be small. The red and black test leads of the multimeter are respectively connected with the emitter e and collector c of the composite tube. Due to the amplification effect of the composite triode, the charge and discharge process of the tested cbb capacitor is amplified, which increases the swing amplitude of the pointer of the multimeter, thereby facilitating observation. It should be noted that when testing, especially when testing small-capacity capacitors, it is necessary to repeatedly exchange the contact points A and B of the tested capacitor pin to clearly see the swing of the multimeter pointer. 3. For a fixed capacitance above 0.01uF, the R×10k block of a multimeter can be used to directly test whether the cbb capacitor has the charging process and whether there is internal short circuit or leakage, and the capacity of the cbb capacitor can be estimated according to the magnitude of the pointer swing to the right.
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