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Basic knowledge of power capacitors and common operation problems①

by:Shenmao     2021-05-19
Basic knowledge of power capacitors and common operating problems 1. Basic concepts 1.1 Capacitor Capacitor is composed of two parallel plates (aluminum foil) and the insulating material between the plates: Function: a device that stores and releases charge (charging and discharging) Electrical symbol: C circuit symbol: the basic unit of capacitance: Farad (F) Commonly used unit: microfarad (μF) nanofarad (nF) picofarad (PF) 1F u003d10 6 μF u003d10 9 nF u003d10 12 PF1 μF u003d 1000 nF1 nF u003d1000 PF1.2 The capacitance of the capacitor is determined by the following formula: (1) Plate type: where: A-plate area, m 2d-plate spacing, mεr-relative dielectric of the medium between the plates Coefficient (2) When the winding type is adopted, the capacitance value is approximately equal to twice that when the capacitor is unfolded into a plane. Namely: 1.3 Classification of commonly used dielectrics 1.3.1 Gas dielectrics (1) The relative permittivity εr of gas dielectrics is very close to 1; (2) The gas dielectrics commonly used in power capacitors are sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), nitrogen, air, etc.; Features of SF6: Breakdown strength: 2 to 3 times that of air. Under 0.3MPa, it is equivalent to insulating oil under normal temperature; arc extinguishing capacity: about 100 times that of air; tanδ: at 0.1MPa
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