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Basic knowledge of technology of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-11-11
This kind of capacitor was general of capacitor, but has developed from dc to ac, from low to high temperature, from low to high pressure, from general to specific, from the general structure to chip, such as flat, the books type structure. 1 f, use frequency have reached 30 KHZ, working temperature range has reached - 55℃本; 125 ℃, some even higher to 150 ℃, rated voltage 700 v. In a word, the development of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is more and more widely. In the basis of the development as follows: 1) On material, now with the aluminum foil on the composition and structure are very elegant. No longer requires high purity, for example, to the anode foil, require the high purity to the right. And some use gold foil. On the structure of low-pressure foil, does not require the cubic structure proportion is very big, but for high pressure foil, insist on the structure of a 90% to 80%. In order to increase its volume, insist on grain impurity content of random orientation certain alloy aluminum foil. The solvent and solute and additives, such as has been long used electrolyte, it is divided into ethylene glycol, glycerin, boric acid and ammonia. Owing to the development of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the electrolyte has far cannot satisfy the requirements, therefore, has produced many new electrolyte, in order to reduce the working temperature range (capacitor Such as - 55℃本; — l25℃) 。 In order to achieve the complementary. (2) with two kinds of weak acid, in order to provide the required two kinds of anion group. Change its resistivity. (4) to improve the characteristic of the electrolyte additives, such as the prevention of aluminum oxide film hydration of phosphoric acid or its salt, hydrogen absorption dinitrobenzene, etc. , improve the flash fire voltage of electrolyte of ethylene oxide. 2) On craft, in addition to have production mechanization and automation, the progress of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor on craft is corrosion can assign two main process. Aluminum foil corrosion factor not only has very high ( Low voltage capacitor foil has amounted to 100, the high pressure up to 30) , and can according to the requirements on the performance of the condenser, different pit corrosion morphology of aluminum foil. Corrosion process is a kind of corrosion fluid type, concentration, temperature, composition of the original foil, foil during the process of structure, surface state and corrosion speed and power source type, the dynamic balance of waveform, frequency, voltage, etc. Craft. The problem is how to draw the best dynamic balance and how to identify the most according to the requirement of the balance. Therefore, the corrosion process of now can't say that has reached the best state. Now assigned to process can produce high quality of dielectric oxide film, and can also according to different requirements, to create different dielectric oxide film, for example, the capacitor, produce & gamma; And & gamma; ’ Type crystalline aluminum oxide film, for ac capacitor, is amorphous film. Fu is the biggest progress can process to aluminum hydroxide film into a medium of alumina membrane, and can form a membrane on the surface. In addition, still can eliminate dielectric film defects and cracks. 3) There are solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor. There are two main types of the structure form, one is the foil type winding form, the other is aluminum powder sintered porous block, the solid electrolyte used mainly MnO2. The structure of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor has diversified, such as dual anode structure, the structure of cathode, the books type structure, the triangle structure, type structure. With the emergence of chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor is aluminium electrolytic capacitor and & ndash; Progress. Because if there is no high hematocrit of aluminum foil, high temperature resistance of the electrolyte, excellent sealing structure and fine processing technology, it is very difficult to make accord with requirement of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor, purpose, the chip rate is still in a lower level.
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