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Basic knowledge of the patch capacitance and the main application

by:Shenmao     2020-10-17
There are many about the parameters of the power capacitor, capacitor voltage and function different, we use often misled by some problems. ShenMao electronics for everybody below briefly introduce the basic knowledge of patch capacitance. First, the capacitor unit symbol is: C; Capacitance unit is: F ( 法拉) ” Unit conversion: 1 f = 1 FF = 1 * 106 * 103 m u FF FF = 1 * 109 n = 1 * 1012 according to the polarity classification, can be divided into polar and non-polar capacitors. Belongs to non-polar capacitors chip ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors and electrolytic capacitors are polar capacitor. Circuit functions: filtering, coupling, bypass, decoupling code computing capacity ( The original unit for PF) : for example: 103 in the first two effective value is 10, which is a multiple of ( Proverb is to add a few zero) Therefore, it is calculated as 10000 FP 10 or less nF. Patch capacitor is mainly used in electronic industry and electronic equipment: functional materials, LED, medical equipment, industrial control, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, home appliances, etc.
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