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Bolt aluminum electrolytic capacitor materials issue

by:Shenmao     2020-11-14
KaiQiJia all aluminum electrolytic capacitors have special material number ( Equivalent to order code) 。 The material number is KaiQiJia supplies a unique identification number for the specific aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Customers can through the material number to speed up the order and processing speed. All the supply of aluminum electrolytic capacitor according to the order number. A single material contains 16 digit number, is made up of multiple partial data. For each part begin with a letter, other position Numbers. Legend bolt aluminum electrolytic capacitor: product series and material details ( FE52- 400472 - M5C290) FE52- 400472 - M5C290 is KaiQiJia capacitance an order code. FE52 represents the type of this product is 85 degree for 5000 hours, installation nut is installed. 400472 represents the product rated voltage is 400 v rated capacity is 4700 uf ( Capacity conversion is the first two digits is multiplied by the third digit corresponding 1 = 10, 2 = 100 = 1000. That is 47 * 100 = 4700) Deviation range (M5C290 which M represents the product capacity A: special allowable deviation, K: plus or minus 10%, M: + / - 20%) , '5' on behalf of product terminal thread for the M5 ( Generally have the M5, M6, M8 three) , 'C' on behalf of a diameter of 76 products. 9毫米( 答:51。 6毫米,B: 64。 3mm,C:76. 9毫米,D: 91。 0毫米,E: 101毫米) Terminal structure, '2' on behalf of products ( Is 0:17 terminal diameter. 7毫米,1:13。 4毫米,2:10mm) , '90' on behalf of clients, put forward electric properties and packaging requirements. Series:
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