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Bolt aluminum electrolytic capacitor terminals

by:Shenmao     2020-11-13
Bolt aluminum electrolytic capacitor terminal is the terminal capacitance, capacity, voltage is passing through both positive and negative extreme son, so that the quality of the terminal is also a priority, because a good aluminum electrolytic capacitor terminal unqualified basically can not be used, and what type of terminal? A, according to 1, the M5 thread is divided into two categories: the installation is to use the M5 models of screws; 2, M6: installation is to use an M6 models of screws. Second, according to the terminal 1, diameter 10 mm diameter is divided into three categories: the diameter of the said terminal is 10 mm, the following graph: above 10 mm diameter terminals in figure 2, the diameter of 13. 2 mm: said terminal diameter is 13. 2 mm, the following graph: above, diameter of 13. Terminal 3, 2 mm diameter of 17 mm: said terminal is 17 mm in diameter, the following graph: above, diameter of 13. 2 mm terminal figure you can according to your need to choose the appropriate terminal structure, can be directly click on the below details 'consultation' immediately contact our online customer service
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