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Bolt type aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturer quotation sheet

by:Shenmao     2020-11-13
Bolt type aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a general statement, the specifications of the involved more, plus the particularity of electrolytic capacitors, volume, performance is different, the price also tend to have a lot of discrepancy. Just do quotation sheet, the difficulty is bigger, meaning is not big, so there are few provide series of electrolytic capacitors quotation sheet. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with different specifications, the price is very common a diameter of 50 mm bolt type electrolytic capacitor price in RMB 25 ~ 50 yuan; 65 mm diameter of bolt type electrolytic capacitor price discrepancy is bigger, may in 50 yuan to 120 yuan; The bolt type aluminum electrolytic capacitor with a diameter of 76 mm price is in 80 yuan to 200 yuan; The bolt with a diameter of 89 mm aluminum electrolytic capacitor price in 180 yuan to 420 yuan; The bolt type electrolytic capacitor with a diameter of 100 mm price in 350 yuan to 550 yuan. Of course, because of too many variables, this is for reference only, not for any quotation, to realize the exact price, it is strongly recommended that call or contact us online. Mobile phone/WeChat: 15951304811 listed in the table below is a common aluminum electrolytic capacitor size and ripple current comparison table ( Only high pressure section) :
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