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Brand horn electrolytic capacitor materials issue

by:Shenmao     2020-10-29
ShenMao brand horn electrolytic capacitor number is 16 digital composition, material number contained in the horn of capacitor voltage, capacity, temperature, life, needle diameter, welding structure, such as capacity category information, etc. Legend horn capacitor: above as 'ox horn capacitor materials issue' as the horn in the electrolytic capacitor materials issue as: PH50 - 450391 - A2J0S0, detailed as follows: (1) PH50 represent the ox horn, 5000 hours of capacitance is 105 degrees, specific series is as follows: 1, PE20 ( 85 degrees 2000 hours) 2、PE50 ( 85 degrees 5000 hours) 3、PH20 ( 105 degrees 2000 hours) 4、PH50 ( 105 degrees 5000 hours) 5、BE20( 85 degree for 2000 hours, ultra small volume) 6、BH20 ( 105 degree for 2000 hours, ultra small volume) 2nd, 450391, the ox horn type electrolytic capacitor voltage and capacity of 450 on behalf of the rated voltage of 450 v, ShenMao brand of horn type electrolytic capacitor voltage 200 v, 250 v, 315 v, 350 v, 400 v, 450 v, 500 v, 550 v ( The maximum voltage of 750 v, if you need horn of ultra high voltage electrolytic capacitor, please contact the web pages on the right side of 'online customer service') 。 On behalf of the capacity of 390 uf 391 ( Capacity conversion is the first two digits is multiplied by the third digit corresponding 1 = 10, 2 = 100 = 1000. That is 39 * 10 = 390 uf) 。 Three, A2J0S0 representative horn electrolytic capacitor has A capacity of category, the information such as diameter, the structure of the welding needle group (A representative capacity A: special allowable deviation, K: plus or minus 10%, M: + / - 20%) ; On behalf of the structure of 2 welding needle (2 2, 3 = 3 = needle, 4 = 4 needles and other Numbers represent special plate) ; J represents capacitance diameter of 35 mm ( F = 22毫米,G = 25毫米,H = 30 mm, J = 35毫米,K = 40毫米,L = 42毫米,M = 45毫米) ; 0 s0 on behalf of the customer's special requirements.
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