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Breakdown voltage of capacitor voltage surge voltage difference

by:Shenmao     2020-11-27
Often have clients ask me all kinds of resistance to voltage capacitor, today here, I simply summarize the aluminum electrolytic capacitor has often been asked about the definition and relationship of the three voltage: 1, the working voltage, also known as the rated voltage, is refers to the capacitor in the limited time, reliable working voltage. Generally expressed in Uw, it is related to the life of the capacitor, to extend the service life of the capacitor, must use it step-down. 2, surge voltage, to ensure the quality of capacitor, the capacitor must pass a certain voltage test, the capacitor to eliminate have obvious defects, the test voltage Ut, known as the surge voltage. 3, breakdown voltage, when the capacitor on the voltage applied to a certain value, Ub, its normal leakage current status are destroyed, cause electronic current increases sharply, capacitor loss function, and breakdown, in a few seconds, its size and pressure is directly related to the anode foil itself, the Ub, called the breakdown voltage. In the relationship of three kinds of voltage: Ub> Ut> 华盛顿大学。 , in general, Ub 1 or more. 3但
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