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Brief description of the inner core of the metal film capacitor|Focus on the manufacturer of high-end brand capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-04-06
One of the basic units of a metal film capacitor is its inner core, which is made of polypropylene or polyester metallized film. The metal layers on both ends are connected to form electrodes by spraying gold. Each capacitor consists of several inner cores according to requirements. Make a combined connection. For three-phase low voltage parallel capacitors, delta connection is generally adopted. The metal film of the metal film capacitor is made by using high-altitude evaporation technology to vaporize a thin layer of aluminum, zinc or aluminum plus zinc on the surface of the polypropylene or polyester base film. The thickness of this vaporized metal layer Only 0.03~0.04μm, the metal film is very easy to vaporize and volatilize at a certain temperature. When a certain voltage is applied between the two plates of a metal film capacitor, some electric weak points in the medium will be broken down, and a certain amount of energy is released when the electric weak points are broken down, so that the metal layer around the electric weak points is heated and vaporized. , The electric weakness is withdrawn from the circuit due to the loss of the nearby metal layer to form an insulating area, and the capacitor resumes normal operation due to the automatic withdrawal of the electric weakness. This is the self-healing principle of the self-healing capacitor. It can be seen that it is the special performance of the metallized film that creates the self-healing function of the metal film capacitor. Each time the capacitor undergoes a self-healing effect, a number of electrical weaknesses are eliminated, and its withstand voltage is also increased by one level. The thickness of the metallized film directly affects the self-healing performance of the capacitor. The thinner the metallized film, the stronger its self-healing performance, but the weaker the bond with the sprayed gold layer. Self-healing capacitors require that the metallized film not only has good self-healing performance, but also has enough thickness to increase the spray gold strength. In order to take into account these two points at the same time, a metal film with thickened edges has been produced abroad, This type of capacitor is used to wind the core of this metalized film with thickened edges. It can withstand the impact of surge current, has high reliability, good self-healing performance, long service life, and its theoretical service life can reach several decades. For more information, please call toll free 4006299138.
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