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Briefly describe the characteristics and optimization of metal film capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-23
According to the analysis of the principle, metal film capacitors generally do not have short-circuit failures, while metal foil types often have such short-circuit failures. In contrast, metal film capacitors have many specific advantages, but there are still two comparisons that are worthy of attention. Features:    The first one is the capacity stability problem. This is because metal capacitors are very prone to long-term operation. After the loss of capacity, the capacity will gradually decrease. Therefore, in the case of high capacity stability requirements In the case of a metal foil type capacitor, it can effectively reduce the loss of capacity. The second is that the ability to withstand large currents is not high, but there are ways to improve the problem of improving metal film capacitors. First, you can use double-sided metallized films as electrodes, and you can also strengthen the metal. At the same time, the welding process of the cross-section metal is further improved to reduce the contact resistance and compensate for its role in the power factor. The metal film capacitors are sealed in a plastic case to control the uniformity of the scale, have excellent flame retardant properties, and have good self-healing properties. The reliability is very high. The metal film capacitors have been widely used in filtering, noise reduction and Low pulse circuit. A very important application of metal film capacitors in power technology is power factor compensation. Since many electrical devices that convert electrical energy into other forms of energy are called loads, they are inductive, so that devices that convert other forms of energy into electrical energy are called power supplies. The apparent power provided by the electrical energy is only part of the apparent power converted into usefulness. energy of.
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