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Can the capacitor be repaired if it is broken? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-13
Capacitors are passive components, and they are not the concept of the final product under any circumstances. If the capacitor is damaged, generally only replace the capacitor, and there is no way to repair the capacitor. The damage of the capacitor is generally a breakdown. , That is, the capacitor can't play a role after perforation, and the capacitor is aging, that is, it has been used for too long, and has no capacity. In this case, most of the old electrical appliances have been used for several years. After replacing the capacitor, there will still be other components that will also be aging. Although capacitors cannot be repaired, when we use products, we can also pay more attention to standard use, which can greatly improve the safety and service life of capacitors. For example, during the start-up process of electrical appliances, first turn on the power and then press the switch, and try to switch as little as possible. Turn on the power directly, so there is a chance that the capacitor will be broken down, or try not to use electrical products when thundering, because there is a high probability that the current will increase rapidly, and the capacitor will be broken down directly. These are usually the TV sets are not bright. It also smells bad, the computer display screen does not respond directly, etc. This is all caused by the breakdown of the capacitor. In the serious point, it will directly burn the circuit board and directly break. There are also important usage scenarios, such as too There is a chance that the capacitor will be damaged in cold places or too hot places. If the capacitor is damaged and you want to replace the capacitor by yourself, it is recommended not to do it yourself if you don’t understand it, because you don’t know what type of capacitor you want to replace, and you need professional tools for welding. If you know everything, you can follow the damaged one. Find the corresponding capacitor manufacturer for the capacity of the capacitor, withstand voltage, size, brand, etc., and ask the other party for a few corresponding capacitors. Generally, they will give you. Can
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