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Can you work in a capacitor factory|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-13
Capacitor factories have small factories and large factories, but the necessary production processes are still owned. Whether working in a capacitor factory is good or not depends on what position you are engaged in. There are many jobs in a capacitor factory, not just one position. , I can tell you about the specific job references, and the rankings are irrelevant. 1. Capacitor engineer/assistant engineer A capacitor factory wants to continue to operate and become bigger and stronger, it must have a team of engineers, which can also be called Ru0026D personnel, who directly determine the capacitor production process of the capacitor factory and the performance of the capacitor And quality assurance, this type of position has higher wages and unstable work capacity and working hours. It has been actively improving the production process and developing new capacitor products. 2. Capacitor production supervisor/production staff The production supervisor is to manage the production staff to control the production process of the capacitor. Generally, the production supervisor must have certain professional knowledge to understand each production process of the capacitor, and can accurately arrange the personnel to estimate the output of the capacitor. Time, and production employees may face many positions that are responsible for cutting, winding, or quality inspection, etc. Each production position is different, but it is easy to use, and only needs to know how to operate the machine. Nowadays, most capacitor factories are semi-automated production, and most of the production employees are operated by machines. The salary of the production supervisor may be a little higher than that of the production employees, and the salary of the production employees may fluctuate. Overtime or piece-counting calculation 3. The raw materials needed by the capacitor purchasing manager/purchasing specialist to produce capacitors also need to be completed by the purchasing department. Sometimes the raw materials needed for developing new capacitors are not easy to find, and they need to be solved by the purchasing department. Relatively speaking, the pressure of this job is not too much, and the salary is relatively objective. The core role of the period is to find cheaper and quality-guaranteed raw material manufacturers, and control the production cost. 4. Financial managers/financial staff bosses generally do not manage the accounts very much, they will hire the finance to help take care of them, and most of the financial work They are all the same, so the salary and work content are almost the same as the market. The main thing is that you need to learn some terms of capacitance to handle your internal and external accounts. V. Sales managers/sales personnel are important teams that bring benefits to the entire company. The basic salary is generally paid according to the legal basic salary, and the commission is high. It requires a certain amount of capacitor knowledge. When the other party puts forward a demand, he can reasonably recommend the other party to select the capacitor. Years ago, it was necessary to go to various parts of the country to expand customers or e-marketing. In recent years, the Internet has been used to complete marketing work. It is a very challenging job. Those who have a strong desire for money can consider choosing.
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