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Capacitor calorific value calculation formula

by:Shenmao     2020-10-03
Capacitor is store energy and potential energy components, conductor of two close to each other, between a non-conductive layer of insulating medium, constitutes a capacitor. A conductor surrounded by another conductor, or made by a conductor of the electric field lines all end in another conductor to the system, called a capacitor. Heating characteristics of capacitor: number of electrolytic capacitors are most common in the condenser, is also the most easily fever. To tell you about the below in the voltage dependence of the dielectric constant of nonlinear high permittivity type of capacitor ( The main electrical characteristics of a capacitor to a C, capacitance. Parasitic parameters such as the ESR, ESL and capacitor relatively less affected) Needs to observe at the same time, in the ac current and voltage on the capacitor. Small capacity type temperature compensation capacitor should have more than 100 MHZ in the high frequency heating characteristics, therefore must under the conditions of less reflection measurement. Condenser heat calculation: as the miniaturization of electronic devices, lightweight, component installation of high density, low exothermicity, easy to elevated temperature device. Especially the power output circuit components of fever has important effect on equipment temperature rise, but the capacitor by large current USES ( Smooth switch power supply, high frequency wave power amplifier output connection is used, etc. ) Arises from the composition of capacitor loss in power consumption, make their fever factors can not be ignored. So should be within the range does not affect the reliability of the capacitor inhibit condenser temperature rise. An ideal capacitor is only capacity C, but the actual condenser model including the resistance of the electrode factors ( The equivalent series resistance ESR) Of the insulation resistance, dielectric ( IR) And electrode inductive factors ( The equivalent series resistance) , specific available below the equivalent circuit representation. Alternating current through the capacitor, due to the resistance of the capacitor component ( ESR) , produce the type shown in the power consumption of Pe, cause the capacitor fever. Pe = I2⋅ The consumption of the ESR = Qh: Pe: capacitor power [W]. Current through the capacitor I: (very different). Qh: unit time of calorific value (J/s).
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