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by:Shenmao     2021-05-14
Due to the impact of the epidemic, many foreign trades across the country have stopped, resulting in a bleak business for many domestic companies. The electronic component industry to which capacitors belong is no exception. The original domestic electronic component industry relied on the market economy to determine the The income generation situation of the industry is now stabilized due to the epidemic situation in the country, and the economy is gradually recovering. It has not yet ushered in a relatively large peak season. Therefore, the business of capacitors is still relatively bleak. Due to the inability to export, many domestic manufacturers have begun to be unable to receive Orders, no order means that no electronic products are produced, and capacitors are not used. This series of chain reactions has made the economy more sluggish in the past few months. Fortunately, with the reopening of the China-Europe Railway, now domestic and foreign The economy has gradually recovered to its previous state, and goods can be exported abroad. For example, more popular masks have also found new sales channels. The electronic equipment and electronic components used to produce mask machines have received new economic incentives. If there are capacitors for export or other The export demand of commodities can be completed by the China-Europe Railway. With the joint fight against the epidemic, the recovery of the market economy will be gradually completed. I firmly believe that in the near future, the capacitor or electronic component industry, as well as all industries in the country, will usher in a new year. Market peak season!
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