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Capacitor filter 2 what's the point?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-02

capacitance in EMC design is very important, also is our commonly used filter element, a capacitor filter 2 what's the point? 1, capacitor filter is a band, a lot of people think capacitance is the bigger the better, actually otherwise, each capacitor filter frequency band to a certain extent, large capacitor filter low frequency, small capacitance filter high frequency, mainly depends on the capacitance of the resonant frequency, capacitance in the resonance frequency points have the best filtering effect! In resonant points centered within a spectrum has better filtering effect, other parts of the filtering effect is not good! Capacitance of the resonance point and the capacity of capacitance value and ESL ( Equivalent series inductance) Related, specific you can check the information online, and meeting school series resonance circuit theory analysis will know! Usually we suggest in the power port to increase the level of UF capacitance filtering hundreds of KHZ to 5 MHZ, the differential mode interference between the level of reason is the UF capacitance resonance point around 1 MHZ. Other Suggestions on high frequency digital circuit, we suggest to add 1 nf patch capacitance is 1 nf the resonance frequency of the capacitance between 100 MHZ, different manufacturers of resonance frequency is different, it's a few MHZ to 200 MHZ interference, good filtering and EMI problem solved! 2, capacitance chosen, do not represent can filter out interference! High water flooding, arrive, then we tend to add a ditch drainage, then led to the place must be a low water level, if led to a high water level of reservoir, it will cause water flow backward, raise the water level. Capacitance filter and water conservancy is the same, just have a trench to effect, can filter also depends on the size of the capacitance of the ground disturbance. We often find engineer to solve the problem of interference and capacitance had no effect, have largely the ground interference is very big! Instead, interfere with the lead up to the signals or power off the floor! You need to pay attention to, the ground interference in some small is not the smallest! So we emphasize filter has an important basis, is to pick up by the small disturbance, is usually said 'silence'.
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