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Capacitor manufacturers how to estimate the life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-24
The service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is used deadline. 一般情况下,电容外标抽签式民主都会路标电容厂商估算的延寿生命参考等于。 So, what's the value? First of all, we have to understand the failure mode of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Basic concepts: failure: refers to the parts lose the function of the original design regulation failure mechanism: physics, chemistry or other cause of failure and process. Such as overloading, corrosion failure modes, such as: the failure forms, such as open circuit, short circuit, leakage, etc. Look from the failure mechanism and conditions of use for the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor has a great influence. 为了使用条件可分拓扑环境条件和电条件:1、2、纹波电流施加电压3、环境温度4、反向电压等等。 【 延寿生命计算】 Environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, vibration, the effects of temperature on life is the biggest of all. 电条件有电压,纹波电流,充电放电条件等。 1, surrounding temperature and ambient temperature's influence on the life of life is embodied in capacitance decrease, increase of loss tangent, these phenomena cause the electrolyte from the sealing parts gradually spread to outside. Performance of time change and the relationship between the ambient temperature can obtain the following formula. Lx=Lo*BTo- tx / 10 lo:在最高使用温度下,额定施加电压和额定纹波电流重叠时保证寿生命( 小时) lx:实时存共时性使用寿命( 小时) To: the products of the highest use temperature ( ℃) Tx: temperature (around the actual use of ℃) b:温度加速系数根据上述公式,电解电容应用时,须环境考虑散热方式、散热强度、电容与热源性电容,距离安装方仪式。 If we in the capacitance of electric condition good circumstances, can be directly used to estimation of temperature on the capacitor life. The applied voltage and patch type of life for the vast majority of the machine ( SMD) ,引线仪式( radial) And substrate free-standing ( 急- - - - - - 在) Capacitor, conditions of use at the highest temperature and the rated voltage value of the following situations, the impact of the voltage applied to the acceleration of the acceleration of ambient temperature and ripple current are negligible compared the effect. Used for high power electronic equipment of screw terminal type ( 螺杆) More than 350 VDC capacitor in high voltage product accounted for the mainstream, because as a conductive oxide film (aluminum electrolytic capacitors 氧化铝) 性质,额定电压以下施加电压值其寿大小将影响生命。 具身体影响,在第三部分纹波电流的影响章节进行讲解。 3、纹波电流影响延寿生命纹波电流计算是不到电容功率损耗得到的一个重要参数,在设计电路选举择电容,这时我们必须首先确定下来电流纹波大小,这和设计规格和具体拓这挺相关。 铝电解电容常被用在整流模组后以平稳电压,我们在选举择好具体拓这好后,根据规格要求得到不到最小的电容等于。 在纹波电流的选举择时,降额设计需求。 由于铝电解电容器和其他的电容器相相比损耗较大,因而纹波电流会导发热致内部。 Ripple current to produce hot and can make the temperature rise, so has a great influence for the product life. So, need to advance to set maximum permissible ripple current value according to different products. Plus the ripple current of heat can be obtained from the formulas below. w = ir2 esr + v * * ilw:内部消耗电力ir:纹波电流esr:内部电阻( The equivalent series resistance) V: applied voltage IL: leakage current under the highest temperature, the leakage current increases to 20 ℃ for 5 ~ 10 times, but still the Ir acuity, IL is W = Ir2 ESR. 要求出现内部发热和散热达不到平衡的条件,则ir2·r =β* a *狄拉克δtβ:散热常数a:外壳表面积( m2) A=π/4·D( D + 4 l) D: the diameter of the shell ( m) L: the length of the shell ( m) Δ T: rising temperatures by ripple current, ℃) A, patch type and part of the guide lines and life estimation of the DC power supply: B, ripple current load: C, screw terminal type D) 导电高分子
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