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Cbb capacitor customization-it is better to find an old manufacturer | focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-01
When the company develops new product circuit boards, after the drawings are designed, they will find a capable capacitor factory to order cbb capacitors. After the actual products are available, they can test whether the product design is feasible and make the design insufficient. Place to be perfected. In Shenzhen, there are no less than a few hundred cbb capacitor manufacturers, so what kind of manufacturer should I choose? Some time ago, a customer, Mr. Zhang, needed to make circuit boards for ultrasonic equipment. Before that, he found other cbb capacitor factories, but the accuracy of the products did not reach ±5 errors. It was effective when verifying new products. It’s not very good, so I contacted Shenmao Capacitor on the Internet. Ms. Shi received him from the related business. He told the customer that Shenmao Capacitor adopts European and American technology and imported processing equipment, and the accuracy can reach ±1 error. The aspect is relatively high. The customer did not hesitate at all and quickly asked for samples. A few days later, the customer received the cbb capacitor sent by Shenmao Capacitor. The accuracy of Shenmao Capacitor was not bad. The accuracy of Shenmao Capacitor was recognized by the customer. It was within the tolerance range of the capacity required by them, which made their design and assembly All have saved a lot of time. If you also need to find a capacitor factory with high capacity error accuracy, you may wish to contact the online customer service on the right side of the page.
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