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CBB Low Frequency Capacitors_High Capacity Accuracy|Focus on Middle and High-end Brand Capacitor Manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-07
For ordinary people, the mention of CBB low-frequency capacitors may be confusing, but people in the electronics industry will know that CBB low-frequency capacitors are a kind of polypropylene capacitors. The performance of this product is similar to polystyrene but small in size. To replace most of the polyphenyl or mica capacitors, they are widely used in circuits with higher requirements, such as the frequency division circuits of home appliances and audio systems in our lives. We all know that due to various external factors, any capacitor produced cannot meet the ideal standard, and CBB capacitors are naturally no exception. CBB capacitors have dielectric loss. Capacitors with small dielectric loss are suitable for high-frequency circuits. Those with large dielectric loss can only work at low frequencies. This is also what we call CBB low-frequency capacitors. CBB low-frequency capacitors and CBB high-frequency capacitors are in many cases They are not substitutes for each other. Compared with other capacitor companies on the market, Shenmao has a great market strength advantage. The company uses imported machinery for processing, and the CBB low-frequency capacitors produced can reach ±1% in terms of capacity accuracy, which are far from other companies' standards. Shenmao capacitors have high capacity accuracy and are worthy of your trust!
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