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cbb61 Startup Capacitor-QC Strict Testing|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-03
There are many customers in Shenzhen who need cbb61 starting capacitors, and they want to find a good manufacturer to customize the starting capacitors. Although there are many manufacturers, do you really know the differences between small and large-scale manufacturers? Many small manufacturers bought one or two second-hand equipment and started processing. Although the quality is not good, the low price often catches the pain points of customers. Shenmao is one of the more powerful companies in Shenzhen cbb61 startup capacitor manufacturing factory. It has been engaged in the production of plastic capacitors since 2002, and now has a number of large-scale processing equipment, more than 100 employees, and hired Taiwan CTO as the technical director. American advanced gold spray technology, the capacitance error handling of the capacitor is very accurate. In addition, there is also a dedicated QC room with multiple testing equipment. Every link of cbb61 starting capacitor production will be tested by the QC room to ensure that it is qualified and then enter the next processing process. And the capacitor will be tested with testing equipment before shipment. To provide customers with more trust. If you have relevant requirements for capacitor business, please feel free to contact relevant customer service online at any time.
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