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by:Shenmao     2021-07-03
Recently, due to the popularity of the mask machine market, a large number of manufacturers urgently need cbb81 high-voltage capacitors to produce mask machines, so Shenmao capacitor manufacturers have begun to get busy, and they have learned through cooperation with customers that because the current scarcity of masks is very scarce, they need to increase. Intensive production of mask machines to increase the output of masks, so Shenmao Capacitors are required to assist in the delivery of cbb81 capacitors this time. After understanding everyone’s original intentions, Shenmao Capacitors also discussed through the leadership meeting and fully invested in the production of cbb81 high-voltage capacitors. Fully assist the demand for mask machine equipment. By understanding the production plan for producing a large number of mask machines this time, it is not the needs of individual manufacturers. There are still many companies that are also producing masks but have not purchased suitable capacitors. Shenmao Capacitors is facing the risk of loss and mass production of CBB81 high-voltage capacitors. , So that manufacturers that need cbb81 capacitors can use them immediately. Shenmao Capacitors also adopted the form of broadcast notification, so that every Shenmao employee can pass the information to every manufacturer that produces mask machines. This move has also been affected a lot. The compliments of the production companies, because most of the capacitor manufacturers that the production companies originally cooperated with have not resumed work, and they have delayed their production and delivery. They know that Shenmao Capacitors have a large number of stocks, and understand that it is a 24.9-year-old capacitor manufacturer. Place an order to buy. The virus is ruthless, and there is love in the world. Although this time the epidemic has affected the lives of the people, in the absence of cbb81 high-voltage capacitors in the production of mask machines, Shenmao Capacitors are obliged to put into production and assist manufacturers in mass production of export mask machines. I firmly believe that it will not be long before. In the future, the problem of the scarcity of masks will end, and everyone can wear safe and healthy masks soon. If you are still short of cbb81 high-voltage electric fusion mask production machines, please contact us Shenmao, if you know Who is short of cbb81 high-voltage capacitors, please tell him, let us cheer for the production of masks!
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