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Cheap does not mean saving money, CBB capacitors should be bought like this! |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-19
Xiao Li is a purchaser of a manufacturing company and has the responsibility to control production costs. Therefore, when purchasing any materials, he will be very strict in cost control. It is because he blindly pursues low-cost operations and almost made him lose his job. The reason is this, because summer is coming, it is necessary to produce a batch of electronic products for summer, and Xiao Li happens to be responsible for purchasing the CBB capacitor! At the beginning, Xiao Li found a JMX capacitor manufacturer. After a series of quotations and proofing tests, because he wanted to lower the price, he never placed an order, and he continued to inquire other CBB capacitor manufacturers to compare prices again and again. There is still no major discount. One day, I found a CBB capacitor that was nearly half the price in the online mall. Xiao Li wanted to place an order after passing the test with the sample of the CBB capacitor. The merchant demonstrated multiple product qualifications and the company. Qualification, let Xiao Li feel free to buy and use, Xiao Li boldly tried to buy small batches and came back after testing, and found that this batch of CBB capacitors are all qualified, so he can purchase and use it with confidence. But what I did not expect is the first batch of electronic products After entering the market, I received a lot of complaints. After investigation, it was all caused by CBB capacitors. Xiao Li was almost fired by the company and was puzzled because the capacitors were purchased and put into production after passing the test, but he did not expect to use it. The lifespan is so short. After Xiao Li informed JMX of this, the JMX analysis should be that the capacitor provided is low voltage instead of high voltage, and the peak value just passed the test during the test. After the strike, Xiao Li finally sought compensation from the merchant, and the result was as usual and continued to be nonsense. JMX capacitors here advise not to use the price as the only procurement standard. Cheap does not mean applying for savings to the company, and it may also bring more to the company. Big loss! If you buy CBB capacitors and compare prices, you should pay more attention to the price difference. Why can others deliver such low prices to you? Isn't it suppressed by inferior raw materials, so buy CBB capacitors? I still choose capacitor manufacturers, the price is reasonable, the quality is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is more assured. Legal approach.
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