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Columnar capacitance, pressure value how many appropriate?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-06
For cylindrical electrolytic capacitor, general is to use 'in diameter x height' to describe the size. 因此硬身体设计的时候,要考虑存款留性电容尺寸尽可能性大。 If you reserved 6 x11 position, general maximum is 100 uf 25 v, don't think there is any problem in small cost savings, but it is difficult to want to change the big. ↑不同尺寸性电解电容电容耐压等于,在电弱领域主要有4 v, 6。 3 v, 10 v, 16 v, 20 v, 25 v, 35 v, these 50 v notch. 上百伏的电容主要用在强电上。 The withstand voltage value of choice is very, very important, choose the wrong will have life risk. If the 25 v capacitor, use on the 50 v power supply, would it be ok? General outweighs electrolytic capacitor, direct puncture of short circuit or simply blew up. 硬身体设计选举择电容性,改称务需要考虑整洁线路最高电压,通常是使用沙,是电容耐压值要达不到线路电压的2倍或更多。 Such as the capacitance on the 5 v power supply should choose 10 v, rather than 6. 3 v. 20 v的电源上的电容要选择50 v电容,下面是35 v。 Experience, the electrolytic capacitor is recommended to use more than 2 times, in order to avoid the hidden trouble of the supplier quality control is not strict. 电容的方向:电解电容有负数极区分。 If meet the, breakdown and then fire or explosion. Electrolytic capacitor is symmetric, positive and negative can be welded. 在硬身体设计的时候,要从原理,制作pcb上明确区分电解电容的负数极,无法画反了。 SMT also should pay attention to not against the post. ↑电解电容的符号↑电解电容有路标是负极↑电解电容有路标是负极
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