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Common easy-to-buy audio capacitors for beginners' reference

by:Shenmao     2021-06-07
I can often see some friends asking questions about where and what kind of capacitors are suitable for use. Many of them are relatively one-sided answers, and some are too deep for beginners to understand. Because beginners should pay attention to the details of the circuit, so that they can study carefully what kind of adjustments to make to get a nicer sound, rather than just knowing to blindly use supplements, which is difficult for beginners. Promoted. Here are some audio capacitors that are more common and easy to buy in the market for everyone to compare and choose for beginners. Wima: It can be regarded as a capacitor with a relatively high performance index, but it is more suitable for use on equipment with a high enough overall system. If it is on ordinary equipment, it will feel a little impetuous. It is not recommended for beginners. Rifa420/426: The performance and indicators of this series of audio capacitors are pretty good. Even on general equipment, they are round and durable at high frequencies, and feel warm and thick. This capacitor has a certain attenuation effect on high-frequency hearing, which is quite suitable. Used by beginners. Eromkt: It is more suitable for beginners. It won't have bad sound anywhere, and the overall effect feels similar to Rifa. Siemens Melaleuca Audio Capacitor: The sound performance is average, but the performance and indicators are extremely high, which is more suitable for power decoupling. Siemens Epcos series: The capacitance index and performance of this series are very good, the overall performance is relatively balanced, and there is no sound staining. But if beginners want to use it, it is best to pay attention to using some equipment and circuits with better performance and indicators, so that they can have a better sense of hearing, and may have the same effect as Weimar when used by beginners. Siemens MKT: If you can use this capacitor, it can show a more balanced atmosphere, and it is also very delicate, but if it is not used well, it will have a little burr in the sense of hearing, but the performance and indicators of the capacitor are better. , The loss is also very small. American Electronics Club: This is a very practical capacitor. It has a relatively balanced performance in the sense of hearing, but it is a little bit delicate and not enough. It is more suitable for use in the output coupling of a decoder or amplifier. Relcap: There are a lot of capacitors on the market, but I don’t know how they are true or false. However, the actual performance of this capacitor is quite good. At the same time, the price is not enough. It is completely affordable for beginners and it is more balanced and worthwhile recommend. Shenzhen Shenmao Capacitor: 36 years of capacitor development and manufacturing experience. Shenzhen Shenmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Taiwan joint venture specialized in Ru0026D and production of capacitors. Official website: http://www.
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