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Components market demand is not stable, ceramic capacitor growth potential is the largest

by:Shenmao     2020-10-10
The electronic components market demand is still in a state of flux, almost all product requirements are not popular. When into the spring and summer season, components are the demand of the market without any signs of improvement. Overall, this month components market prices fell slightly, but according to the market environment, also does not rule out components market price will drop considerably. And the special case of the memory, the memory of the price has been lower than the cost of production, the supply chain was in financial trouble, memory prices down is down, only to rise, the following is to analyze the growth potential of why ceramic capacitor is the largest. But the market is still a chance, netbooks and high-end mobile phones, at least in the current market environment, netbooks and high-end mobile phone is knocked down. Isuppli expects 2009 global netbook sales will reach 26 million units, of course, compared with 160 million sales of laptop computers, this is still a small number, but still mean special sales of 26 million units. Another challenge is cautious market consumers. The market, consumers are used to at a discount, even in the face of new products, consumers still want a discount. Previously, as we have said, with a large number of suppliers in the area of ceramic capacitor, the supplier has promised to increase production. Ceramic capacitor is largest purchase amount and unit consumption of products. Therefore, once the market recovery, the demand of ceramic capacitor will be rapid growth. Growth potential ceramic capacitor is the largest also, this also is many suppliers investing heavily in the cause of the ceramic capacitor. Because of this, in the foreseeable future, ceramic capacitor almost won't appear the risk of supply shortage. Ceramic capacitor fall in prices will be more violent than other varieties, and high CV product price drop will be the biggest, so natural ceramic capacitor potential index is higher than other components. Below to introduce to you - ceramic capacitor Material classification: these are: Y5V, X5R, X7R, NPO ( COG) So these materials represent what mean? Said the first low temperature, high temperature said the second, third said deviation, Y5V represent the - work 30 ~ + 85 degrees, deviation - the whole temperature range 82% ~ + 22%, X5R represent the - work 55 ~ + 85 degrees, the temperature deviation of plus or minus 15%, within the scope of X7R represent the - work 55 ~ + 125 degrees, the temperature range error of plus or minus 15%, NPO ( COG) Is the most stable temperature characteristic of capacitor, capacitance temperature drift is small ( What is the temperature drift? You get to the Internet check) The full temperature range, capacity is stable, temperature is - 55 ~ 125 degrees, is suitable for the oscillator, ultra-high frequency filtering decoupling, but capacity is not big, do you usually do thousands of pF.
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