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Conventional characteristics and functions of ceramic capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-19
The so-called ceramic chip capacitor is actually a capacitor that uses ceramic as a dielectric. It usually covers a layer of metal film on the surface of the ceramic, and then uses a strong temperature to sinter it at a high temperature to form a capacitor. This kind of capacitor has a high degree of stability compared with other metal capacitors, especially in the oscillating circuit. There are actually two types of ceramic capacitors in reality, one with high-frequency ceramics, and the other with low-frequency ceramics. High-frequency ceramic capacitors are generally used for higher operating frequencies, while low-frequency ceramic capacitors are used in low-frequency environments on the contrary, where stability is not high. Ceramic capacitors are usually not recommended for use in pulse circuits, because in the test we can find that this kind of capacitor is more likely to be squeezed by the pulse voltage, even so, but its stability is extremely high, with strong high temperature resistance and Insulation properties. Although this type of capacitor has many advantages in the process of use, it also has a fatal disadvantage that is relatively small. This is a very serious challenge in the current state of pursuing high-capacity in everything, and it has also attracted many experts. Headaches and areas for improvement. Generally we can divide ceramic capacitors into three levels, each level has its own characteristics and functions. For example, the first-level capacitors have very good characteristics in terms of temperature, frequency and voltage, but because the dielectric constant is too low, So its capacity is very low. The second-stage capacitor is much better than the first-stage in terms of temperature and voltage. The last stage is that the temperature and voltage are convenient, but it is a big advantage in terms of capacity. The dielectric constant is very high.
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