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DC filter capacitors-can't just focus on the price | focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-24
There are some purchases that do not know how to evaluate the quality of DC filter capacitors. When choosing a manufacturer, they are too concerned about the price. That is the problem of a little more money. They tend to ignore the quality problem and feel that the same is a capacitor factory. It's the same, so choose which one the price is low. This understanding is totally wrong. There will be high and low prices when there is competition in the market. Some small companies will rely on their own small factories to have low costs and take orders at all costs. After receiving the orders, they will not pay attention to the quality of customers. Shen Mao encountered such a case that a customer told me: Mr. Li is a purchaser, a very important project. In the case of many suppliers comparing prices, he chose a small-scale company out of good intentions to save costs for the company. , The manufacturer of DC filter capacitors with a relatively low price cooperated. That factory was completely unable to process the samples they wanted. He did not go to this small factory to understand the situation. He even took orders without explaining clearly to him. Procrastination, quality is not recognized, Mr. Li not only wasted the time of product development, but also lost the cost of the company, wasted so many people’s efforts, he learned through this case: you can’t just focus on price, good The goods are definitely not cheap. Later, I contacted Shenmao Capacitor, and I was very satisfied after visiting the company. The order was transferred here to make DC filter capacitors. Now the cooperation is very happy. So when looking for a DC filter capacitor manufacturer, you can't just focus on the price.
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