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Detection method of ac capacitor is good or bad, aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers supply

by:Shenmao     2020-11-17

capacitors are widely used in electrical technology, for example, the phase-shift capacitor is used to enhance the perceptual load power factor, used for single-phase asynchronous motor starting capacitor, used in the ac contactor silent travel in step-down condenser, etc. Capacitor is the most commonly used electrical components. Is also easy to damage the electrical components, in the case of no special instrument to detect the stand or fall of capacitor, available in several ways: 1, the multimeter test for O. 01 fixed capacitor u F above. Available multimeter R x 1 k block capacitor test failures directly charging process and presence of internal short circuit or leakage, and can according to the range of the pointer to the right size estimate the capacity of capacitance. Test operation, use two pens and arbitrary first touch capacitance of two pins, and then change the pens and touch it again, if the capacitor is good, multimeter pointer will swing to the right, then quickly return infinity position to the left. The greater the capacitance, the bigger the pointer oscillation amplitude. If two pins, repeatedly table touch touch switch capacitance multimeter pointer is always not to the right, that the capacity of the capacitor has been lower than 0. 01 u F or has disappeared. Measurement, if after the pointer to the right cannot be left to return to infinity, the capacitor leakage or has breakdown. - Aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers supply, fuse the simple test with fuse (2 The rated current of the fuse In determined by the type: In = 0. 8/C( A) , of which C is electric capacity of capacitor) And capacitor in series to be detected in 220 v ac power, if the fuse blasting fuse, the capacitor inside has a short circuit. If the fuse fuse is not broken, after a few seconds to charge, cut off power supply, with insulation, the screwdriver the poles of the short circuit capacitor discharge is spark capacitor is good. On the other hand, the electric capacity of capacitor has shriveled or already open. Use the method to judge a good capacitor should be repeated several times to get the correct conclusion. 3, incandescent light bulb and the incandescent light bulb and the capacitor in series capacitor in series assays on 220 v ac power, if the brightness of the incandescent light bulb than take it directly on the 220 v ac power darker, explain capacitor is good; If incandescent light bulb not bright, the interior of the capacitor has open circuit under test; If the brightness of the incandescent light bulb and it directly on the 220 v ac power of brightness, as the capacitor inside has short circuit. - Aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers supply 4, megger test can also be used (by megger 250 v) For testing. Shaking the handle, such as the pointer to point to in infinity, said capacitor internal circuit; Such as pointer refers to the zero, said internal short circuit capacitor. Also can be used as capacitor by experiment, the method is: take megohmmeter terminal respectively to the terminal blocks and shell of capacitor. Shaking the handle, such as the pointer refers to the zero, said capacitor internal communication. 5, capacitor of capacitance measurement in the absence of a dedicated instrument available multimeter measuring capacitance of power capacitor. The specific method is: use fuse ( The specifications by the capacitance of the capacitor) And for the capacitor in series connected to 220 v ac power. Use the multimeter ac voltage profile measured at the ends of the capacitor voltage U ( V) 。 With a multimeter ac current profile measured by capacitor current I ( mA) 。 For I = U/XC XC = 1 / ( 2πfC) , in which f is the frequency of the alternating current. So the electric capacity of capacitor CC = 3. 18×( I/U) ( Micro method) 。
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