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Detection of aluminum electrolysis in circuit board maintenance method

by:Shenmao     2020-10-31
Due to the damage of capacitance caused by fault in the electronic equipment is the highest, of which the damage of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is most common. And a capacitor damage performance is as follows: 1. Smaller capacitance: 2. Completely lose capacity: 3. Capacitor leakage: 4. Circuit board short circuit. The role of different capacitance in circuit, caused by the fault also have their own characteristics. In the industrial control circuit boards, accounts for the vast majority of digital circuit, capacitance is much used as power supply filter, used as signal coupling and less oscillation circuit of capacitance. Used in electrolytic capacitor of switch power supply, if damaged, might not vibration switch power supply, no voltage output; Is bad, or output voltage filtering circuit logic confusion arising from voltage instability, show the machine work well at times but very badly at or off the machine, if the capacitance and between the power of the digital circuit is negative, the above order. This is particularly strong near the computer motherboard, many computer use appears sometimes can't open the machine for many years, the phenomenon of sometimes turns on, open the case, often have electrolytic capacitor beat phenomenon can be seen, if the solid electrolytic capacitor down to measure capacity to find is much lower than the actual value. The life of the capacitor is associated with environmental temperature directly, the higher the temperature, the shorter the capacitor life. This rule is not only suitable for electrolytic capacitor, also apply to other capacitance. So when looking for a fault capacitance should focus on inspection and was closer to the heat source capacitance, such as heat sinks branch into high-power components near the capacitance, as close to it, the greater the likelihood of damage. The power of the once took an X-ray flaw detector, users reflect the smoke came out from the power supply, open the case after arrival a 1000 uF / 350 v large capacitor has the oily stuff out, tear open come down to a capacity of only a few tens of uF, also found that only the capacitance of the rectifier bridge and heat sink nearest, other from far is intact, the capacity is normal. Have other ceramics capacitor has the short circuit situation, also found that capacitance near heating components. So look for should be focused in maintenance. Some capacitor leakage is more serious, even hot when a finger touch, this kind of capacitor must be replaced. The well at times but very badly at fault in overhaul, rule out the possibility of a poor contact, most commonly is the capacitance damage caused by the fault. So at such failure, capacitance can be key to check, after the change of capacitance are exciting, can solve a lot of trouble, also pay attention to the use of the quality of the capacitance of course, want to choose some brands of electrolytic capacitor with certification testing is best electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, the quality can be guaranteed, on the basic problems triggered by capacitance were summarized in the above, the hope can help to you.
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