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Detection of inverter repair of electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-12-26
Inverter energy-saving way in fan, water pump, the application of the elevator. In order to guarantee the reliability of the production, all kinds of production machinery in the design with power drive, has the certain amount of surplus. Do you know the inverter energy-saving way can save 30% energy? Because the soft starter is straight up, the decoupling and star delta starter to the transition of frequency conversion speed governor products, in addition to the motor, more than 90% of the workload in the working condition, working condition of other adopts the soft start starting method can use frequency converter, because the inverter energy-saving 30%. When the motor will not run under full load, in addition to meet the requirements of power driven, extra torque increases the active power consumption, a waste of electricity. Using inverter can effectively solve this problem: energy saving, power factor compensation reactive power not only increase the line loss and equipment of fever, more important is the lower power factor resulting in a loss of active power grid, a large number of reactive power consumption, in the middle of the line equipment use low efficiency, waste is serious, using variable frequency speed regulating device, the effect of frequency converter due to the internal filter capacitor, thus reducing reactive power loss, increase the active power of power grid. Energy saving, soft start motor hard start causing severe shock to the grid, but also to the power grid capacity requirements are too high, large current and vibration from starting when the damage to the baffle and valve, to the detriment of the service life of equipment, piping. And using variable frequency energy saving device, soft start function of frequency converter is used to make the starting current starting from scratch, no more than rated current, the maximum to reduce the impact to the grid and the requirement of power supply capacity and prolong the service life of the equipment and valves, and saved the equipment maintenance frequency control of motor speed and energy saving equipment such as fan and pump the traditional speed regulation method is by adjusting the barrier of entry or exit, the valve opening to adjust to the air and water, the input power is big, and large amounts of energy consumption on baffle and valve closure process. Using variable frequency speed regulation, if the traffic ( Air volume) Small demand, by lowering the pump or fan rotation speed can meet the requirements, at this time the operating power of the motor corresponding reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. ( The fluid mechanics shows that P ( Power) Q = ( Traffic) × H( Pressure) , flow rate Q a direct ratio with rotational speed N, H pressure and speed is proportional to the square of the N, P power direct ratio with rotational speed N, if the efficiency of the pump must, when demand adjust flow down, speed N is proportional to the decline, while the shaft output power P set up party relations. The electricity power of the pump motor and speed approximation set up party than relationships. The team when the required flow rate Q reduce, adjustable frequency inverter output frequency reduce motor speed n in proportion. At this time, the power of the motor P will be greatly reduced according to the third power relation, than a 50% 40% of energy damper, valves, so as to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. ) Special special energy-saving frequency converter, is mainly used in injection molding machine, air compressor machine. Can save energy 15% 60%, greatly reduce the production cost. In fact inverter energy-saving effect is born. Application of frequency control of motor speed, motor speed control precision is improved greatly.
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