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Disassembly parts of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, gray, fake parsing

by:Shenmao     2020-11-02
Is one of the most common in the electronic market down, only in the disassembly parts cannot be used in aluminum electrolytic capacitor products, its reason is very obvious, after years of use, the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is close to end, even then the performance also is quite good, and the characteristics of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is, the performance is constant has a variable will change very fast, so that even before the end of aluminium electrolytic capacitor close to life, its performance is good, but once in the life, the end of aluminum electrolytic capacitor was & other; Aging & throughout; Very fast, in a very short time, & other; Death & throughout; And, therefore, electronic circuit design it is absolutely cannot treat STH lightly. One could argue, foreign original thing is better than domestic, undeniably, the performance of China's electronic components on performance compared with the foreign famous manufacturer of components still has a gap, but the domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor, whether in performance or in electrolytic capacitor life time can meet the application requirement of general, the question here is if choose foreign famous manufacturer's normal sales of aluminum electrolytic capacitor there is absolutely nothing wrong, and selects the teardown of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is wrong. The next is some gray market aluminum electrolytic capacitor is not from normal channel replenish onr's stock, cannot guarantee authentic, original or some rolled off the production line is the manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, not only that, some illegal & other; Foreign & throughout; Delegate some of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers stick a card, and then pretend to be done to sell, this is fake. The impact of the electronic market in China is not only gray, fake, some illegal & other; Foreign & throughout; Will also aluminum electrolytic capacitor sales abroad. ShenMao electronics is committed to domestic high-end aluminum electrolytic capacitor nearly 30 years, the main large electrolytic capacitors, including horn type electrolytic capacitor, bolt type, such as electrolytic capacitors wide praise customers, welcome to contact us
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