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Do you know how capacitance is working?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-30
脖子先讲一下电路和电容器【 电路是公路,电荷是车】 我们将一个电路比作马路的话,电荷移动集形象流一样车。 【 Impedance is the rough road Under the condition of uneven road, although they can slow down the speed of car will move to the destination. The resistance in the circuit, will cause heat and energy consumption ( 焦电耳朵) 。 【 电源( 电池) 是负载著电位差筹备】 电源是驻两端连接负载著e [ V] Potential difference of the device. 为了这与火车利用电梯,自动地向高t [ m] The location of the mobile is a reason. So what is the capacitor? Then is to say when the power supply on capacitor. 【 电容器是停车场】 电容器功能够储条件荷。 将电路相比制作道路的故事,比电容器集停车场所。 Circuit is end and negative end must deposit with the same charge. 【 Capacitance have ability to store charge 】 电容器机能储存多少电荷性标准适电容,等于电容值由( 1) Type. By ( 1) 仪式不是①电极面积s扩大②电极之间的距离缩短③使用高介电常数的材料,可增大容等于。 The unit of capacitance is SI unit is F ( Ferrari) 。 The voltage (1 v 电位差) 奖金予某导身体,储存1 c ( 库伦) 电荷时,电容值为1 f。 【 Capacitor work 电容器储存电荷在开关s1为off, s2 on的时候,为了向负载电流流动。 根据电容状态,电源电压不稳定的情况下,稳定电灯发光。 【 电容阻断直流电力,仅可通交流电】 电容不可通直流电,我们重复充电,放电,在电容中反复将会流动充电电流和放电电流。 这种现象可通过电容性电流外观观察是与否韩流经电容。 Due to these characteristics, making the circuit used in a lot of capacitance. With its purpose, it's necessary to choose suitable products.
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