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Don't install safety capacitance in the power circuit no?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-26
First of all, we should first safety capacitance is what, what is the role. Safety capacitance means used in such situations, the capacitor after failure, will not lead to electric shock, do not endanger personal safety. Also called safety capacitance. Safety each Y capacitance of the capacitors including X of two types, capacitance is two line jumper in the power line (X L - N) The capacitance between, generally choose metal film capacitors; Y electric capacity is jumper in power line between line and ground ( L - E, N - E) Capacitance, usually come in pairs. Based on the limitation of leakage current, capacitance value Y cannot too big, general level X capacitor is uF, Y capacitor is nF level. Capacitance differential mode interference suppression X, Y capacitor common-mode interference suppression. Safety capacitance discharge and capacitors, capacitors in the external power after disconnecting the charge will be kept for a long time, if touch will be electric, and safety capacitance is not the problem. For safety and EMC consideration, general advice plus the entrance of the power supply safety capacitance. In the ac power input, generally need to increase the three security capacitance to suppress the EMI conducted interference. They are used in power supply filter, power filtering effect, respectively for common mode, differential mode interference filter. Y capacitance in addition to conform to the corresponding grid voltage withstand voltage, also claim the capacitor in the electrical and mechanical properties have enough safety margin, avoiding the extreme severe environmental conditions appear breakdown short-circuit phenomenon, Y capacitance pressure performance is of great significance for protecting the personal safety. With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards continue to improve, electronic products a lot into the family, because these devices to get an electric shock, fire, radiation, chemical, explosion and the risk of mechanical injury, in order to protect the user's life and property safety, safeguard consumer interests, promote the enterprises to improve product quality, must choose the safety of security in the power circuit capacitance. Shenzhen ShenMao band is a company specializing in the production of capacitor manufacturers, the main brand for & other; ShenMao & throughout; The spot inventory, reliable quality. The company has advanced testing system, efficient and perfect quality guarantee system. The quality of the products reached the international advanced level of similar products, sold at home and abroad, we are looking forward to your cooperation to join!
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