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by:Shenmao     2021-06-28
Shenmao Capacitor has been established for 24 years. Some time ago, it has served more than 3,000 customers. There is no shortage of foreign customers in Southeast Asia. Today, I am honored to welcome a customer from Dongguan looking for a supplier. On Baidu, search for Dongguan cbb The capacitor factory found the Shenmao official website and sent the specifications and models of the cbb capacitors, hoping to provide a reasonable quotation. After reading the specifications and models of cbb capacitors sent by the customer, Ms. Shi of our company will discuss with the customer in detail, because the customer is looking for a cbb capacitor manufacturer in Dongguan, and the customer has also looked for quotations from other manufacturers for comparison, and asked why the price of Shenmao is better. Other manufacturers are expensive, Ms. Shi explained the reason positively: these are all costs! Because the equipment used by Shenmao is a high-precision processing machine with a capacity accuracy of ±1%. Few manufacturers on the market can achieve this accuracy. If the price is very cheap, it should be just to get the order. The quotation is low, and the return rate caused by the quality of the product is also very high. If you waste this time on comparing prices, it is better to choose the highly experienced Dongguan cbb capacitor factory, one cooperation, no worries in the later period, the customer expresses understanding after listening, and Shenmao completed the transaction of the 3000th customer
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