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Electrolytic capacitor and contrast analysis of solid-state capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-12-14
Capacitor is an important part of the circuit board, electric appliance equipment can maintain normal operation of one of the main components, because of its special characteristics of its own and the role of the role in the circuit board is irreplaceable. In the development of modern science and technology today, the development of the capacitor is extremely important. Today to describe a capacitor in the two major categories, some solution and solid-state capacitors characteristics as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each other. Electrolytic capacitor and the biggest difference is that solid-state capacitors dielectric material selection, point solution as electrolyte capacitor dielectric materials, and solid-state capacitor dielectric material is conductive polymer materials. Due to the difference of dielectric material, also created one of the two each have different characteristics. Liquid particles at high temperatures is very active, the capacitance internal pressure, the boiling point of it is not very high, so there may be of explosion pulp, solid-state capacitors used the high polymer electrolyte, solid particles under high temperature, particle peng up or activity are relatively low liquid electrolyte, it also up to the boiling point of 350 degrees Celsius, so it is almost impossible to appear the possibility of explosion pulp. Solid-state capacitors, in theory, it is almost impossible to pulp. Solid electrolytic capacitor contrast, it has excellent stability, its service life than electrolytic capacitors, more suitable for high frequency work environment. But because why dielectric material is electrolyte capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, cheaper price is more cheaper and electrolytic capacitor than solid-state capacitors of large capacity, compression value is better. Is the biggest characteristic of solid dielectric materials in case of without power for a long time will not produce a series of reaction, not going to happen after the power supply as easily as electrolytic capacitor boot or electricity formation of explosion pulp even explosion, is more secure than electrolytic capacitor, the service life of electronic devices will be longer. Solid-state capacitors on the equivalent series impedance performance compared to conventional electrolytic capacitor has more excellent performance, solid-state capacitors in the equivalent series resistance is very small, high frequency operation frequency is very high and the electrical conductivity, with lower electrical impedance and low heat output characteristics. And conventional electrolytic capacitor is easily affected by using the environment temperature and humidity, is a bit poor in high and low temperature stability. In terms of capacitance, capacitance liquid below 20 degrees Celsius, will be greater than the capacitance value is low, the lower the temperature capacitance value will be decreased, in solid-state capacitors can not due to lower temperature and make the capacitance on affected, leading to overclocking stability, because its 55 degrees below zero capacitance of the solid state values only to fall less than 5%. Solid state is better than low frequency response of the capacitance electrolytic capacitor, solid-state capacitors and electrolytic capacitors, their main function is to filter out clutter, therefore capacitance can be as long as the capacitance reaches a certain value, as long as the components quality pass, also can ensure the stable operation of the main board. And this, electrolytic capacitor also completely can do it! Under the working temperature of 105 degrees, the service life of electrolytic capacitor also for 2000 hours, after the temperature decrease, their life will increase, but solid capacitor life increase the size of the larger, usually a capacitance of working temperature at 70 degrees or lower, this time the life span of the solid-state capacitors may reach 23 years, almost more than six times the electrolytic capacitor! But the circuit board, under the influence of the life of the other components of solid-state capacitors this ability also can appear overcapacity, instead of ordinary electrolytic capacitor can achieve the service life of electrical components. In short in performance between each have strengths, also have insufficient, solid-state capacitors to be more stable, more safe, life will be longer, more suitable for medical appliances, automotive electronics and other equipment. 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