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Electrolytic capacitor explosion, not the same as fireworks

by:Shenmao     2020-12-20
Electrolytic capacitor if explosion, is its power to be reckoned with, the following is found on the web of capacitor explosion test, I believe you, after the play is not underestimate this small capacitance. 1, are negative. Of capacitance, polarity are negative be taken such as tantalum capacitor, is negative to the words, burning light capacitance, or caused an explosion of the capacitance. 2 quality closes nevertheless, capacitor. If you don't pass to the quality of the capacitance ( Bad workmanship, etc. ) The internal components of capacitor may lead to a breakdown, the shell of the insulation damage, etc. , could cause the capacitance of the explosion. 3, sealed and leak. Assembling casing seal bad, causing the moisture inside, to cause a decline in the insulation resistance; Or because of oil spill makes the oil level drops, guide, which can lead to breakdown the shell direction discharge or components. 4, internal free and drum belly. When the capacitor discharge corona, breakdown, and serious internal free, the capacitor in the function of overvoltage, reduce component starting voltage drift to the work under the electric field intensity, triggering a series of physical, chemical, electric effect, accelerate the insulation aging, decomposition and gas generation, form a vicious circle, so that the pressure tank shell, outside the box wall drum resulting in explosion. Edge uneven burr or severe bending, its cutting-edge prone to corona, corona would make oil decomposition, tank shell expansion and the decrease of the oil level and cause breakdown. In addition, in the block, the corner if the welding time is too long, the internal insulation burn and produce oil and gas, the voltage drop and the damaged greatly. 6, take charge closing any caused an explosion of the capacitor rated voltage of capacitor Banks are charged closing is prohibited. Every time to switch capacitor group, must under the condition of the switch capacitor discharge can only be carried out after 3 min, otherwise the switch instantaneous voltage polarity reverse polarity with residual charge on the capacitor may caused by the explosion. Therefore, the general provisions capacity in more than 160 kvar capacitor Banks, should be installed without pressure automatic tripping device, and the switch of capacitor Banks are not allowed to furnish the automatic reclosing. 7, the temperature too high if electrolytic capacitor explosion temperature is too high, its internal electrolyte evaporation rapidly expand, shake off the yoke and the shell. Generally caused reasons are as follows: (1) the voltage is too high, lead to breakdown, capacitance by capacitance current increases rapidly in an instant; (2) the environment temperature is too high, more than allowed working temperature of capacitance, cause the electrolyte boiling; (3) capacitors meet reverse polarity. Now everyone know the cause of the electrolytic capacitor cracking, we are looking for, from the root cause problem can be solved. Us be very careful when storing capacitor, if the electrolytic capacitors in direct sunlight, temperature difference is big, corrosive gas, high temperature or damp, the safety performance of the capacitor may fall. If the safety capacitor placed more than a year, before use, please carefully check its performance. Shenzhen ShenMao band is a company specializing in the production of electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, product quality is guaranteed, the main brand for & other; ShenMao & throughout; The spot inventory, welcome new and old customers to come to consult.
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