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Electrolytic capacitor in series or parallel configuration

by:Shenmao     2020-12-20
Have a number of capacitance shunting the same voltage. The total capacitance ( Ceq) As follows: in general, the purpose of the capacitance in parallel is to increase the total energy of the storage. Capacitor stored energy is as follows: series of several capacitance can through the same current, but the capacitance of the potential difference ( Voltage) May be different, and is equal to the total voltage, and capacitance voltage capacitor in series capacitance value is as follows: after the shunt capacitance, capacitance electrode effective area is larger, so the capacitance value increase. The capacitor in series, the equivalent capacitance of electrode distance, therefore capacitance will decrease. In practical application, often several low voltage capacitor series, to replace the high voltage capacitor. For example, in high voltage power supply filter circuit, can use three maximum voltage of 600 v capacitor in series. Since each capacitor just under a third of the total voltage, therefore after series capacitor can work at 1800 v voltage, and a third of the series capacitor after only individual capacitor. Sometimes will first three capacitors in parallel, then three sets of parallel capacitor in series, again to form a 3 x3 matrix of capacitor, the total capacitance and individual capacitor is the same, but three times can withstand voltage. In these applications, each group will be a large resistor in parallel capacitor, to ensure that the average among three groups of capacitor voltage, and in the equipment when not in use, provides the path of the capacitor discharge. Another application is to have two polarity reverse capacitor in series, can be used instead of the non-polar capacitor.
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