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Electrolytic capacitor in the circuit has what effect?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-08

electrolytic capacitor in the circuit has what effect? There are two main effects, respectively is filtering effect and the coupling effect, specific ShenMao by electrolytic capacitor manufacturer analysis is introduced for you. 1, filtering effect, in the power circuit, rectifier circuit will become a pulsating dc, communication and after rectifying circuit connected to a larger capacity of the electrolytic capacitor, using the charge and discharge characteristics, make pulsating dc voltage of the rectifier after relative comparative steady dc voltage. In practice, in order to avoid some circuit the power supply voltage changes due to load changes, so in the output of the power and the power input end of the load is usually dozens to hundreds of micro method of electrolytic capacitor. Because of the electrolytic capacitor is usually has a large capacity must inductance, disturb of high frequency and pulse signal can't effectively filter, in its both ends in parallel with a capacity of 0. 001 - - 0. LpF of capacitance, in order to filter out high frequency and pulse that trouble. 2, the coupling effect: in the process of transmission and extension of low frequency signal, in order to avoid two levels before and after static operating point of the circuit influence each other, often choose capacitance coupling. In order to avoid the rhyme low-frequency signal weight loss is too big, usually choose larger capacity electrolytic capacitor.
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