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Electrolytic capacitor installation and maintenance of small knowledge

by:Shenmao     2020-12-19
Electrolytic capacitor after installation should pay attention to the points ( 1) Don't direct contact with the hand capacitor is negative. ( 2) Don't use sub conductor between is negative, nor on the capacitor or near the splash and conductive liquid, such as acid and alkali solution. ( 3) Please make sure the capacitor is not installed in the state of the following conditions: (1) direct contact with water, high temperature and high humidity or condensation environment easily. (2) direct contact with oil or full of oil mist. (3) direct contact with salt water, high temperature and high humidity or condensation environment. (4) with hydrochloric acid organic gases ( Such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfurous acid, nitrous acid, chlorine, bromine, methyl bromide, etc. ) In the environment. (5) of toxic alkaline will gas ( Such as ammonia, etc. ) In the environment. 6. Direct contact with acidic or alkaline solvent environment. All landowners condensation conditions could lead to a hose shrinkage, expansion, rupture, so when use please fully validated. In addition, due to the rapid changes in temperature, high temperature and high humidity test and condensation, may also lead to the same hose. Maintenance and inspection regularly, please install capacitors on industrial equipment, inspection items are as follows: ( 1) Appearance: obvious flaws, such as explosion-proof valve open, leakage, etc. ( 2) Performance: electric capacity, loss tangent, leakage current, etc. , please see the specifications in this catalog details. An emergency ( 1) Such as smoke saw the explosion-proof valve opened, immediately turn off the main switch or pull the plug. ( 2) Don't face to the valve, because when the valve opens, there will be more than 100 ℃ of gas jet. If the gas into eyes, rinse with water immediately eyes; If the suction gas, shall be immediately rinse the mouth and throat. ( 3) Don't eat the electrolyte. If the skin with the electrolyte, please wash with soap and water. Storage ( 1) Do not use capacitor stored in high temperature and high humidity. Storage condition should be followed: temperature: + 5 ℃ ~ + 35 ℃ relative humidity: < 75% storage place: indoor ( 2) Avoid storing in a environment with water, salt water or oil. ( 3) Avoid storing in toxic gases ( Such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfurous acid, nitrous acid, chlorine and ammonia, etc. ) In the environment. ( 4) Avoiding capacitor contact ozone, ultraviolet radiation, or radiation. ( 5) As far as possible keep the capacitor in the original sealed in the bag. The disposal of ( 1) Please deal with capacitor with any of the following methods: (1) hole on the shell of capacitor or complete collapse after a break in the fire burned down, With temperature of 800 ℃ or higher) 。 (2) capacitors should not be burnt, to industrial waste for landfill disposal. ( 2) When abandoned capacitor or removed from the circuit board, the production process without the use of ozone-depleting substances.
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