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Electrolytic capacitor production process

by:Shenmao     2020-12-10
Capacitance electrolytic originally in front of me in every process, outside review: outside shape aesthetic (i. e. capacitor Beauty) Be sure to distinguish good no by my vision. All know what is good or what is bad product, which should be the removal, but in order to guard against & other; Office & throughout; Some non-conforming undetected) Some still need to review the outside, in case of one thousand. Electrolytic capacitor main raw materials, production process of aluminium electrolytic capacitor anode foil, electrolyte, cathode foil and electrolytic paper, foil, tape, cover plate, aluminum shell, washer, sleeve, gasket production process such as cutting, winding, including dip, assembly, aging, sealing, printing, casing, measurement, packaging, inspection electrolytic capacitor raw materials such as cutting small electrolytic capacitor automatic winding machine large capacitor core automatic electrolytic capacitor winding of mechanical and electronic solutions containing electrolytic capacitor high temperature aging electrolytic capacitor performance test of aluminium electrolytic capacitors manufacturing process: the first step: aluminum foil decay. Will see the inside is a few multi-layer aluminum foil and multilayer electrolytic paper, if open a shell of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Aluminum foil and electrolytic paper attached with together, into a tubular organ, so every two layers of aluminum foil in the middle is a layer of adsorption of electrolyte electrolytic paper for the appearance of the capacitance of the aluminum foil is not smooth but by electrochemical decay method, the manufacture of aluminum foil. In order to increase the aluminum foil and electrolyte war area. Make the appearance form the shape of a rugged surrender, so it's ok increase 7 ~ 8 times the appearance of the product. Electrochemical decay process is involved in the battle of confused the corrupt fluid type, concentration, the appearance of the aluminum foil state, dynamic equilibrium of the decay rate, voltage and so on. Step 2: oxide film formation process. Is using chemical method, the aluminum foil after electrochemical corrupt. Its appearance into 3 oxidation 2 aluminium oxide & ndash; Aluminum electrolytic capacitor was medium. After oxidation, carefully review the appearance of the 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, look to whether have freckles may crack, the shortage of cleared out. Step 3: cutting aluminum foil. Cut into small pieces, this measure is simple to understand. Is the whole piece of aluminum foil. So that it is necessary for proper capacitor manufacturing. Step 4: lead riveting. But after the lead and internal links of capacitance, therefore, capacitance external pins are not connected to the capacitor inside straight. This step I will necessary to lead anode and cathode, and the capacitance of outer lead after ultrasonic keys as link together while internal leads directly use aluminum wire and aluminum foil directly connected. Public attention to these little steps without fault close processing requirement is very high. Lead usually adopts copper coated wire maybe copper oxide line to reduce resistance. Step 5: electrolytic paper winding. The soaking liquid aluminum foil, capacitance in the electrolyte is not poured directly into the capacitance. But after adsorption of the electrolyte electrolytic paper and aluminum foil layer upon layer and laminating. Among this, choose the electrolytic paper and ordinary formula has some differences, the appearance of the microporous structure of the paper as impurities, otherwise will affect the identity of the electrolyte and performance. And this step, is there will be no electrolytic electrolyte absorption of paper, and aluminum foil stick in a piece, and then into capacitor shell, aluminum foil and electrolytic paper form approximation & other; 101010 partition state. Step 6: electrolytic impregnation. Will the electrolyte pouring into, when after the electrolytic paper winding. Allow the electrolytic impregnation electrolytic paper. With the innovation of the electrolyte formula and electrolytic paper manufacturing skills promoted, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor ESR value also gradually to promote, into one of a few points. Step 7: assembly. Link outer lead at the same time, this step is to put the capacitance on the surface of the aluminum shell assembly. Capacitance to the fundamental is taking shape step 8: edge. If you need to pass this step, the & other; Throughout the foreskin &; Capacitance. Capacitance surface coated PVC film set in the capacitance of aluminum shell surface. Nothing more than the use of PVC membrane capacitance has less and less, mainly because of the differences is the raw material and optimum environmental trend, and show little coherent and performance. Step 9: combination of assembly. Step 10: charging, aging test. Step 11: review parameters. Also called WorkVoleag voltage) By the number of dc current value range, leakage review ( LeakagtCurrentup leakage (for short Review LC leakage is measured and dc capacitor voltage [ This voltage electric capacitor body logo on the hose is voltage. The flow value very little time. Review capacity: capacity ( Capacitor is referred to as the CA P review aims to test whether the values within the permitted deviation category, driven and below is insufficient. Dissipation and losses on the Chinese meanings are owed a good meaning, 3 df review: temperature 25 ℃ frequency 120 hz non-polarity usually 1 KHZ test condition) Briefly note: capacitor will naturally occur in the electronic circuit of a loss factor. On edge and the value in use of trigonometric functions, edges and it is expressed as a percentage and other %tanδ For the day when the conventional by district, DF by Tessie regional conventional theory. With little point performance, the meanings of the two, the less its value better. ­ Capacitors in the test capacity should be taken before DF discharge, what they have to encourage for capacitor voltage flows ( The incoming) Instruments and instrument. ­
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