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Electrolytic capacitor production process

by:Shenmao     2020-12-10
Aluminum foil etching ( Expand surface area) Aluminum foil is main material, aluminum electrolytic capacitor anode, sets the aluminum foil to after electricity in the electrolyte, the surface of aluminum foil will form the oxide film ( 氧化铝) , the function of the oxygen film as the dielectric. The effect of etching is expanded aluminum foil surface area. Etched in chloride solution is an alternating or direct current electrochemical process. Into ( Formation of the dielectric layer) To be formed in the anode aluminum foil surface dielectric layer ( 氧化铝) In the process. General will become the aluminum foil used as anode. In order to enlarge the surface area, put the aluminum foil material in chloride aqueous solution of electrochemical etching. Then, in boric acid ammonium solution is higher than the rated voltage of the voltage applied, forming a dielectric oxide layer in the surface of aluminum foil ( 氧化铝) , the dielectric layer is very thin and the oxide film is, probably. 1 ~ 1. 5 nm/vot, insulation resistance is about 108 ~ 109 & Omega; /m。 The thickness of the oxide layer is directly proportional to pressure. In order to increase the efficiency of the expanded surface area, depending on the rated voltage, and etching shape is different. Cut in accordance with the requirements for the size of the different products to the aluminum foil ( The cathode foil and anode foil) And electrolytic paper shear as the need to the size of the insert between anode and cathode foil foil electrolytic paper, and then winding into cylindrical, cathode foil on the winding process and the anode foil connection terminals. Electrolytic paper mainly play a balanced distribution of the electrolyte and maintenance of anode and cathode foil foil interval. Including dip dip is immersed element child process in the electrolyte. The electrolyte can further repair the dielectric layer. Electrolyte is by ion conductive liquid, is a real sense of the cathode, anode aluminum foil on the surface of the dielectric layer connection role. The cathode foil like collector connection circuit inside the cathode and real role. Electrolytic capacitor is decided features ( Temperature characteristic, frequency characteristics, service life, etc. ) The key materials. Sealing seal after the child is the element in aluminum shell with sealing material ( Rubber, rubber cover etc. ) The process of sealing. Aluminum shell and made of rubber sealing material main effect is to keep the condenser air tightness. Aging ( Taken) After aging is to seal the process of the capacitor voltage at high temperature. This process will be the dielectric layer when the cutting and winding process to fix some of the damage. After full inspection, the packing aging, the examination of the electric property of all products. And terminal processing, etc. The last part packing.
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