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Electrolytic capacitor test selection criteria

by:Shenmao     2020-12-18
Electronic components product model is numerous, usually the size of a style aluminum electrolytic capacitor, capacity and voltage is not the same, using local and USES also greatly different, more important is in processing and manufacturing, one small mistake could lead to a batch of goods quality problem, so ShenMao in storage have strict test before delivery. At the same time before the shipment is also need to test the second goods. Electronic components are deteriorating equipment, the placement of a long period of time, can lead to discharge the leakage situation, strict testing before shipment, is not only responsible for the customer's also the guarantee of the quality of product. 1. QC test bench for electrolytic capacitor must detect the goods before delivery, reach the following standards for qualified products. The test voltage is not lower than the rated voltage 1. In three times, capacity & plusmn; Within the range of 20%, do not meet the above criteria, no delivery! If not required to detect problems lead to customer quality of the goods warehouse quality inspection personnel to take a loss. 2. Capacitance voltage detection: storage and voltage testing before shipment, strict control in the rated voltage of 1. More than 3 times. 3. Capacitance detection: put in storage and the capacity of the test before delivery, the strict control on & plusmn; Numerical within 20%, determined not to make the delivery. 4. Warehouse storage detection: the storage sampling inspection and monthly inventory routine check, is ShenMao a scenery line, to ensure product quality to meet customer requirements. ShenMao always follow the principle of customer first service, to ensure that every batch of products are qualified to issue, obtained unanimous favorable comment of customer, guangdong development bank in 13 years insisted that, looking forward to win-win cooperation with you. ShenMao is a set production and sales as one of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, the main brand for ShenMao, already obtained the majority of customer recognition, welcome the attention.
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