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Electrolytic capacitor voltage test?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-15

electrolytic capacitor voltage test? The main test can be divided into the following three steps, the following ShenMao electronic learn together and electrolytic capacitor manufacturer. ( 1) Voltage probe clamp wiring capacitance, pay attention to the oscilloscope ground capacitance negative wire, oscilloscope cathode capacitance anode lead wire. ( 2) According to the power supply under test plate load conditions on the load power panel output debugging, available electronic load on load ( 3) Capacitance voltage test. When the test will & lt; < Each bar amplitude & gt;> Transferred to the appropriate degrees, will be & lt; < Per time & gt;> File transferred to the appropriate lattice degrees ( Generally take power capacitor used in inverse working frequency of the phase value is close to the lattice degrees) ; Adjust & lt;> Knob the waveform is stable, then & lt;> Key acquisition waveform,
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