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Electrolytic capacitors are commonly used models and performance is introduced

by:Shenmao     2020-10-05
Electrolytic capacitor manufacturers of different models of the term, is a common term that is used by the our company are as follows: the ox horn type electrolytic capacitor model to have: CD292: in high pressure, four terminal welding pin type, standard ( 85℃,1000H) CD293: high voltage, standard product ( - 25~+85℃,1000H) CD294: voltage span is large, large capacity, wide temperature ( 105℃,2000H) CD295: volume is smaller than CD293 20 ~ 40% ( 85℃,2000H) Wide temperature CD296: ( 105℃,3000H) CD297:( 85℃,3000H) Bolt type electrolytic capacitor model has: CD92: low voltage large capacity, low loss, low leakage, small volume, high ripple current, 85℃,1000H) CD92H: low voltage large capacity, low loss, low leakage, small volume, high ripple current, wide temperature ( 105℃,1000H) CD92L: resistance to high ripple current, low impedance ( 85℃,2000H) CD13N: high voltage large capacity, high ripple current, 85℃,2000H) CD13NH: high voltage large capacity ( 105℃,2000H) CD13L: high voltage large capacity, high ripple current, wide temperature ( 85℃,5000H) CD98SK: energy storage high ripple, big capacity ( 85℃,3000H) Special specifications and performance can also be customized according to customer requirements, please contact consultation! ShenMao, professional manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors, high quality type horn electrolytic capacitor, bolt type, such as electrolytic capacitors widely popular with the customers. A week to deliver goods, eight years warranty!
An increasing dependence on the use of electrolytic capacitor electrolytic capacitor suppliers has made numerous changes in the electrolytic capacitor suppliers industry over the past decades.
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