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Electronic components continue to stock prices, MOSFET driver IC in the first quarter of price increases

by:Shenmao     2020-11-25
Last year due to the shortage, inflation of SMD capacitor resistor to detonate, MOSFET exit for international companies, since the second half of last year to supply is tight, combined with silicon wafer foundry and EPI wafer capacity constraints, a sustained rise in the trend of market demand, price is really starting to rise since the first quarter of this year. After entering the second quarter, amd, Intel and NVIDIA fuelled by new platform MOSFET supply shortage is increasingly serious, MOSFET industry visibility order reached in the third quarter of this year, the product quotation will be well up in the second quarter, up around 5 ~ 10%. MOSFET factory last year, Europe and the United States and China are the price hike, Taiwan factory under the strategy of solid order, has not up, but because of the price hike in upstream of the silicon wafer last several wave, under the pressure of rising costs, the first quarter of this year in Taiwan factory of MOSFET came finally raise about five percent on average, only manufacturers are reluctant to admit the fact. MOSFET has been out of stock early last year, mainly in the past few years the downstream terminal new applications continue to increase, drive the demand growth, mainly including artificial intelligence, extends to the intelligent family and intelligent speakers such as consumer products, and electric cars and rapid development, since the driving drive, Internet of things, such as the cloud center, make the MOSFET is growing demand for. MOSFET companies said, with the emergence of new applications of new energy, Europe and the United States MOSFET factory main production is the transfer capacity sharply to high-end market, and a relatively high gross margin percentages of artificial intelligence, new applications such as automotive, make the global desktop computers, notebook computers and traditional markets such as 3 c MOSFET supply is obvious. In terms of driver IC, as a new downstream applications, has been sidelined foundries to eight inches LCD driver IC cast slice, the industry said that because of the increase 8 inch wafer foundries generation of labor cost, LCD driver IC factory in the first quarter have panel factory improve IC offer five percent to 10, to reflect the rising cost of. Under the condition of the components a surge in demand, supply and demand imbalance or would be difficult to maintain, supply chain parties should also be standing demand change, upstream of the industry, such as Angle comprehensive balance, prepared in advance, in order to cope with flexible. But the electrolytic capacitor factory ShenMao brand commercial off-the-shelf, large inventory can rapid delivery.
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