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Electronic components in China, far more than mobile phone chips to try hard!

by:Shenmao     2020-10-06
Since last year, zte unreasonable sanctions by the United States, domestic opens up a new round of chip manufacturing boom, thus ignore the other components of the rise in price. SMD capacitor, SMD resistor, SMD inductors, three passive electronic components, electronic industry, the most basic components. From roll in prices last year to now, various reasons: high environmental cost of storm; The material cost increase; Improve compliance in labor costs increase employment; Too big, the capacity to keep up with demand, supply imbalances & hellip; Actually, capacitance, for example, high-end MLCC patch capacitance is largely by Japan murata, TDK, taiyo yuden, samsung grasping, high capacitance MLCC market of China, and 22% by samsung, MLCC to peak to boycott Korean goods last year when the rose! In Taiwan, Japan and South Korea leading the rise in price, and then the second echelon 'make, only accounts for less than 4% market share and product positioning of lower mainland giant elegance tech center? Follow up. Patch so, aluminum electrolytic capacitor followed price & hellip; China is the world's largest mobile phone, computer, audio and other electronic equipment manufacturing, now with the industrial upgrade and the trend of auto electric, electric, and gradually become the biggest producer of industrial control, automotive electronic equipment. Mainland foxconn factory for global manufacturing iPHONE, the capacitance by Japan and South Korea all manufacturers supply, you will be the latest iPhoneX, a mobile phone to 1100 MLCC. China is now the world's biggest patch passive components market, automotive patch capacitance, for example, only need 336. 9 billion, 2015 to 2024, MLCC global demand will reach 676. 2 billion! Such a large market demand, and can't meet the needs of high-end market in domestic product, Japan and South Korea vendors tap them, especially shake three shake in China electronic industry around the world. Electronics industry, far more than a mobile phone chips need & other; At all costs & throughout; , even the most basic components, from the material such as ceramic slurry to technology, quality control, also need independent self-improvement! So the electronic components industry in China, except for mobile phone chips to other passive components also to speed up the development and production, everyone's in the process of buying components also need to go through the normal way to buy, shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. Is a collection of production and research and development as one of the electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, hundred home furnishings, welcome you to choose.
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