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Electronic components in the high frequency and low frequency characteristics

by:Shenmao     2020-11-25
People often say that large capacitor frequency characteristic is good, good frequency characteristic small capacitance, then according to the size of the capacitive reactance is inversely proportional to the capacitance C and frequency F, whether large capacitor is not only good low frequency characteristic, high frequency characteristics is better, because the higher the frequency, the capacity, the greater the capacitive reactance, the lower the frequency is, the easier by big capacitance, but from a large capacitor charging and discharging speed is slow, high frequency seems not easily through again, it's not very contradiction? The following electrolytic capacitor manufacturer is detailed analyse for everyone. First of all, the high frequency low frequency is relative. If the frequency is too high, so, the capacity of the capacitor becomes again big also is meaningless, because, as we all know, the coil inductance, resistance is high frequency, the higher the frequency, hinder the greater the effect. Inductance are still small, but large capacity generally has a longer pin with the larger plate ring, then the equivalent inductance capacitance feet has been hampered by high frequency plays a big role. As a result, the worse performance of high frequency is not easy by high frequency large capacity electrolytic capacitor, and chip ceramic capacitor, take advantage in price performance. Similarly, if the greater the inductance of high frequency effect more? It isn't. In order to get a larger inductance, there must be as much as possible, as far as possible big coil, and the conductor to the innumerable plate of the capacitor, if happen to close these plate spacing ( This is the pursuit of more laps inevitable) , distributed capacitance will provide high frequency signal pathway. So, the signals of different frequency band to choose suitable capacity of capacitance and inductance. Let's put below the most commonly used three passive components, resistance, capacitance and inductance of the high frequency equivalent circuit analysis: 1. High frequency resistance low frequency electronics is one of the most common circuit element resistance, it is used by some electrical energy into heat energy to achieve the purpose of voltage reduction. Resistance of the high frequency equivalent circuit, as shown at the ends of the two inductance L simulation resistance fuses the parasitic inductance, also must consider the capacitance effect according to the actual structure of lead; Using capacitance C simulation charge separation effect. Below depicts the resistance the impedance of the absolute value and the relationship between the frequency, as seen, the impedance of the resistance when low frequency is R, however, when the frequency increases and more than a certain value, the influence of parasitic capacitance becomes the primary, reduced resistance impedance caused by it. When frequency continue to rise, because of the influence of the lead inductance, the total impedance rise, lead inductance under high frequency represents a route or infinite impedance. 2. High-frequency chip capacitors are widely used in radio frequency circuit, it can be used to filter frequency modulation and matching network, the transistor bias many circuits, so it is necessary to understand the frequency characteristic of them. Capacitance of the high frequency equivalent circuit as shown, to lead the parasitic inductance L; With a series of cabling's loss equivalent resistance R1; Describe the dielectric loss with a parallel resistor R2. Can also get a typical relationship with the frequency of absolute value of the impedance of the capacitor. As shown in the figure below, due to the presence of dielectric loss and limited long lead, showed the same resonant characteristics as resistance capacitance. 3. The application of high-frequency inductors, inductance less relative to resistance and capacitance, it is mainly used for transistor biasing network or filter. Inductance are usually made of wire winding on the circular conductor column, so the inductance in addition to consider the perceptual characteristics of itself, still need to consider the resistance of the conductor and the distributed capacitance between adjacent coil. The inductance of the equivalent circuit model as shown in the figure below, parasitic bypass capacitance C and series resistance R, respectively, by the synthetical effects of the distributed capacitance and resistance. High frequency equivalent circuit of inductance and resistance and capacitance, the same frequency characteristic of inductance and the same ideal expected characteristics of inductance is different, as shown in the figure below: first of all, when the frequency is close to the point of resonance, the impedance of the high frequency inductive rapidly increase; Second, when frequency continues to increase, the influence of the parasitic capacitance C, becomes the primary coil impedance decreases gradually. In short, in the high frequency circuit, wire along with basic resistance, capacitance and inductance of these basic passive device performance and the ideal characteristics of element is different. Low frequency can be found at a constant resistance, to the high frequency shows that the second order system with resonance point corresponding; Produced in high frequency, the capacitance of the dielectric loss, cause since capacitance impedance characteristics of present only at low frequency and frequency is inversely proportional to; In the low frequency inductive impedance linear increase with the increase of frequency response and achieve resonance point before began to deviate from the ideal characteristics, eventually become a capacitive. The electrolytic capacitors in the high frequency characteristic can be through the quality factor of the aforementioned description, for capacitance and inductance, for the purpose of tuning, often to the highest possible quality factor of hope.
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