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Encyclopedia of safety capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-12-27
The security level of safety capacitor: safety capacitance safety level applications allow peak pulse voltage over-voltage level ( IEC664) X1> 2。 5 kv≤ 4. 0 kvⅢX2勒; 2. 5 kvⅡ,X3勒; 1. 2 kv I, safety capacitance safety grade insulation type rated voltage range: Y1 double insulation or reinforced insulation & ge; 250 v, Y2 basic insulation or additional insulation & ge; 150 v≤ 250 v, Y3 basic insulation or additional insulation & ge; 150 v≤ 250 v, Y4 basic insulation or additional insulation, safety capacitance is there a link between size and voltage: general capacitor used within the plate between the dielectric constant of the insulating material is a fixed value, so its capacity and safety capacitance is independent of the applied voltage on both ends of the plate, safety voltage changes on both ends of the capacitor, safety capacitance of power change, its ratio is a constant Q/U, its electricity capacity, voltage changes related to safety of capacitance current and KVAR! Voltage, current and KVAR will be bigger. Structure safety capacitance, capacitance is between two plates join insulating medium. Is directly proportional to the capacitance and the plate area, and is inversely proportional to the medium thickness. Area generally don't have change, medium thickness may be in use process due to the time environment factors and so on thin or weak breakdown voltage, to make the change capacity. Three, safety capacitance have pinhole phenomenon: there is the phenomenon of pinhole, is this why? Actually safety capacitance has true hole can continue to use, does not affect the electrical properties, but will affect the appearance. Safety capacitor outer layer is made of epoxy resin outsourcing layer, through high heat sintering. Cause safety capacitance epoxy resin outsourcing layer causes of bubbles and stomatal: first is the gas in coating material, the second is capacitance chip of gas. Before immersion coating, therefore, to the epoxy resin coating materials and safety condenser vacuum processing chip. Because inside the safety capacitance chip and lead all have a lot of gas welding, vacuum treatment is bad, will be in the process of heating curing coating material gas expansion, make the safety capacitance produces bubbles and porosity. If safety capacitance after vacuum coating, first place after a period of time at room temperature curing slowly with the coating material, after the coating material reaches a certain degree of hardness, placed in the baking box heating curing, easy to produce bubbles.
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