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Experience and views on the application of audio capacitors at home and abroad | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-18
As a speaker enthusiast, I have used a lot of capacitors in the past few years. Each audio capacitor has different applications. Some are delicate, some are thick and rich in details, and some are clear and bright but don't feel rushed. Every type of enthusiasts play differently. Audiophiles play with speakers and low-level enthusiasts play with tubes and op amps, intermediate enthusiasts play with capacitors and cables and transformers, and high-level enthusiasts play with silver paper, as long as they have money. Don’t worry! I don’t know if you are all about tuning the sound of your love machine and looking for what kind of audio capacitors? I have no advanced experience and knowledge! High fever is not a long time! Just play with op amps and zoom Now I’m playing with wires! I’ve been playing with capacitors for a few months in the middle! No prawns have rich experience! Holding the electric Luotie in your hand, waving around! It ended some of the experience. Communicate with everyone! Don’t be offended if you are ugly! There are many brands of capacitor semicolons now! If you want your machine to make a good sound! It will not work to use the same brand of audio capacitors! This will cause the sound source to be too extreme. Each needs to be matched (in my opinion). It is very important that the correct capacitor is used in the correct location. Try a lot and you will discover new things, such as using rifa-peh124 for the positive part of the power supply. If you want the machine to sink well and have a metallic sound, then use the elna red robe for the negative level. If you want the metal sound to be flexible and multi-point mid-frequency clear cut points, the negative electrode will go to nichicon's museKZ. It’s sinking, so you need to know what sound you want before the mill? The position in the sound field is 1-2-3-4-5. What do you need for high, middle and low? Vocal, midrange, low-frequency sinking, etc. (except for crossovers) )! Add flavor to the foundation! In this way, even if you use an op amp like 4558, your machine can make a sound of nature! Of course, the effect is not absolute! Use the characteristics of the op amp to carry it forward. This is the highest art of fever Ah, there is one more thing to talk about besides the capacitive op amp! Decoupling capacitors, adapters, wires, resistors and other components will ultimately affect the sound of your machine. This is also the most important thing. Now many junior enthusiasts think that Japanese audio capacitors are the best. There are many articles about those so-called audio capacitor manufacturers! Of course, if you can’t sell high-end goods or the components are too expensive, this is all Good choice! Some models of Japanese products are cheap. Cheap and cheaper. Basically, the effect is much different than that of European and American products! But it does not mean that your own machine will have good results if all European and American products are used! (Too poor High-end goods can’t afford it) The effect will be worse! Capacitors are important! But if you want to make a big change in capacitors, it will become a bottleneck like walking into an alley...
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