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Farah capacitor's role is in the car?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-23
Capacitance is widely applied in household appliances life, is also important. So what is a car farad capacitor? Car farah capacitance has long life fast charging and discharging characteristics. When power amplifier of high load operation, the instantaneous power flow is quite large, at the same time, the automobile generator and battery may not be able to timely supply of electricity, resulting in decreased efficiency of the power amplifier, the sound quality joint impairment, cause distortion. But if combined with farad capacitor charge and discharge fast cars, the big power amplifier need instant, can in a moment of generator and battery to power supply, power supply for the stability of the power amplifier, and then quickly from full of electric generator end, prepare for the next high-power amplifier output. Can be compared to long life fast charge and discharge current of the lake. Used in car audio system power supply side car farah capacitance, as the name suggests, is what a like can accommodate current. Plain analogy, if the car generator and battery as the water source, the current as a river, the amplifier as a use of river running water wheel, the car farah capacitance is like lakes between source and water wheel. When water wheel low work efficiency, the normal flow of coping with driving wheel, but when the water wheel need heavy load running fast, from the water source of water, often in short supply, even with fixed water wheel. At this time, if we build a lake between water wheel and source, when the source of water to drive water wheel, then use the water of the lake deposits quickly added, can maintain the operational efficiency of the water wheel, this is the role of the automobile farah capacitance. Farah capacitance what are the characteristics of the car? Fast charging and charge to 10 seconds to 10 minutes can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity; Circulation service life is long, the depth of the charge and discharge cycle times can reach 1 ~ 500000 times, no & other; Memory effect & throughout; ; Charge and discharge circuit is simple, without charging battery charging circuit, high safety coefficient, the long-term use of free maintenance; Good cryogenic properties, wide temperature range 40℃~+70℃; Understand the above car super farah capacitance characteristics and role, we not only think, car farah capacitance on the market, in shape, with vertical A, B round, square C, D, etc; As shown in figure: A, B, C, D but D figure of the connection mode and the first three kind of different, the two output input, function, it can be the same direction in and out of, can also like C connection. In the process of considering the actual installation, car farah capacitance and the distance of the power amplifier, is, of course, the closer the better. Because it is a good line also have resistance, line 4, for example, one meter long line, the second big 楖 consumes zero. 06 method of capacitance, which is a lot of people, in audition, listen to the sound quality is very good, installed in the car is effect is poor. According to my experience analysis, due to factors such as space, convenient wiring, square, is better, because the thickness is small, easy installation, can be the most close to the power amplifier; So, so figure C, D, is our choice direction; D relative to C, is the most perfect. Due to rising oil prices, some foreign companies have already put the super capacitor, applied to the car when the car is running downhill the energy stored in the form of electricity, in climbing or need high power released, and thus reduce the using cost, super capacitor is not just used in the car, also used in many fields such as electric cars and so on.
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